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Our Minister

A message from Rev Helen Penfold:


We keep hearing phrases like ‘the new normal’, ‘shielding’, ‘this is a marathon not a sprint’ and many of us long to be back where we were this time last year. 


You might say that even the Church is closed.  Yet whilst the Church building is out of bounds, the Church is as open as ever.  Instead of worship being something we think of as happening only in Churches, in fact it has been happening in thousands of homes up and down the country.


Experience of Church has not been limited to practicing Christians either, for now nearly every home can access the internet, so the curious, the sceptical, the searcher can take a peek at a Christian act of worship anonymously and find out a bit more of what happens without leaving the comfort of their own front room.


Carrying on is really what it’s about though isn’t it?  As God’s people we are encouraged to ‘keep the faith’, to continue to pray, read our Bibles and be witnesses to the hope that is in us.  Jesus didn’t ever promise that when we became Christians it would make life easy, what He did promise was to be with us and to send the Holy Spirit.


Please, if you want to join in, get in touch with us.  We very much want you, yes YOU to join us.


God bless you

Rev Helen Penfold

Rev Helen Penfold

Our Church

Matlock Methodist & United Reformed Church, also known within the community as Bank Road Church, is a wonderful building, located on the hillside above Matlock Town centre.

During this uncertain time our Church is no longer within the four walls of Bank Road. We are offering this platform as a way of keeping in touch. 

Everyone is welcome here and we pray that they will find rest and peace in a caring, praying community and our Lord Jesus Christ.


Distanced but not unsocial

We will be updating the 'Stay in touch' page with notes from Rev Helen, aids for worship, words from our Stewards, prayers, words of encouragement, hymns and Church news.

If you are a regular member of the Church please sign up for access to our Forum 'Keep in 'Contact''  where we can share news with each other.
If you're in need of prayer or help please get in contact with us below.

This website is for use whilst we are socially distant and maybe longer. 

Information about the Church can be found at 



Please contact us with prayer requests or if you are a member of the Church and have something you would like to publish please let us know.

Oak Rd / Bank Rd, Matlock DE4 3FJ, UK


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